Finessing Finger Food

If your baby has been having purees / mashes for about a month now.. it is again time to up the ante again to minced / chopped / finger foods. This usually happens about 8 months..

You should be including foods from ALL of the food groups. Remember, there is no need to delay the introduction of nutritious foods such as eggs or peanut butter, as there is no evidence that this reduces the risk of allergies.

Aim for 3 meals a day with about 3/4 to 1 cup food at each meal, with breast milk / formula AFTER solids. You should still be doing about 3-4 breast milk / formula feeds a day. As your baby gets older, slowly increase the variety of foods and textures.

Cereals: weet-bix, porridge, finger sandwiches and pasta Fruit: chopped up soft fruit pieces Vegetable: chopped up vegetables Meat/ protein: bite size pieces of tender meat e.g. minces and scrambled egg, cooked legumes / lentils Dairy: yoghurt, custard, cottage cheese

Don’t forget – your baby needs hydration too! Aim for 600ml water (boiled and cooled).

I love this recipe for Healthy Chicken Nuggets from One Handed Cooks.